The Painted Village

This collection is the journey of a girl discovering herself in a fictional village. The garments progress according to the story; starting off with whites, the collection builds with hints of colour and ends in a stark red. 3D applique, quilting and beading embroidery techniques are used all through. Splashes of colour against muted tones are a constant.


Flapper dress inspired silhouettes contrasting with tailored jackets and trousers are some key details. The summer sweater is another separate we worked with, sheer materials imitating the traditional Fair Isle and oversized cable knits. Tiles inspired some of the embroideries in this collection, coming together and creating a mosaic effect. 

The silhouettes in the collection are very classic and timeless with added detailing in terms of embroidery and surfaces. Corset detailing is another constant, most interestingly used on a basic white T-shirt. You will see a lot of signature detailing, from scallops to floral threadwork, creating a strong shape to reconstructing classic staples.




New York



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