The collection is inspired by ‘Teaism’, studying the aesthetic and cultural aspects of tea. Teaism is a Japanese movement and with this collection I am trying to explore how that culture can be presented in a more global manner making it very contemporary. The idea of tea brings a lot of personal memories, Its taste, the fragrance, packaging involved and most importantly the bonding that happens over tea. That is what we are trying to portray in the collection, a simple relatable collection, with fun quirks here and there with a slight bit of nostalgia. Focus remains over how tea is served, the vintage china sets, the paper doilies, the classic porcelain shapes, paying extra attention to subtle details. Exploring natural and handmade techniques, bringing a narrative where the past meets the present, keeping my love for vintage alive. The collection works on creating impressions on fabric, feminine and soft textured surfaces, which are full of emotion. These handmade, intricate techniques bring meaning to the collection. The collection brings forth a timeless aesthetic that mimics simplicity.


Green Vila




March 2023

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