Clothes Line

The concept is inspired by an average family’s Clothes line The basic idea is how each family has their own personality and when you notice their everyday laundry you see how the items are so diverse but synchronized at the same time. From the father’s classic gingham shirt to the mother’s rosy handkerchief - This collection explores the various combinations that this versatility can offer, paying close attention to the beauty in accidental design. Peaceful fabrics with clean surfaces and subtle patterns are key, delicately quilted textures are molded and padded to create soft effects with a clear and soothing texture. Play with sheer gingham checks and pin stripes shirting fabric with floral embroidery and textures. Exploring sheer detailing with various elements of embossing using fragile motifs and materials. This collections sees the use of washed out, over exposed floral techniques, delicately layered 3d florals made out of sheer fabrics, with subtle details in every seam.