Mountain Story

This collection is inspired by The Nilgiris; the exquisite flora found in the region and the stunning landscapes. We tried to recreate the beauty of florals by developing 3 dimensional embroideries and creating ombre detailing reflecting the landscapes. Detailed embroideries on classic silhouettes is the main focus, and comfort and wearability remain key focus for this Fall/Winter collection. Familiar detailings are

revisited with a fresh direction. Sheer 3d florals, pressed flowers, ruffles move into a more contemporary and minimal direction. The styling of the collection is layered and feminine. 

"A Mountain Story" starts with classic white, moves into faded pinks, dreamy greys and ends with a stark blue. The colours come from our visit to the Nilgiris Library, with its vintage hand-bound books and hand-painted covers. Little details from the Nilgiris, such as the interiors of old cottages, faded eucalyptus leaves on streets, and stories of the tribal craft, insipired the design process. The styles from this collection have infinite possibilities - dressing down evening wear looks or adding an element of comfort to smart everyday looks.